South Africa – My beautiful country. 

We may have many issues like the Rand equalling 0.072$ (my heart breaks every time I look at the currency), our President refusing to pay back the money and our education system allowing people to pass with 30% (how is it that they send us into the world NOT knowing 70% of the work we’re taught?). 
But, South Africa has potential. Potential to grow into the beautiful country I see in the horizon because we are survivors, we survived 50 (or so) years of apartheid. Because we are nation builders, we hosted one of the best world cups the world has ever seen, turning 2010 into a year of celebration for South Africa. Because we are proud of our country and we sing our anthem with pride. 

World Cup vibes at Sandton City in 2010

South Africa has landmarks like Table Mountain (1/7 Wonders of the World), Kruger National Park (which is just as big as Wales) and Cape Point (where the two seas meet side by side and between them is a barrier that neither transgressors). 

Table Mountain

South Africa has 11 official languages and we are home to the Big Five (the Mighty Lion, the fierce Leopard, the Endangered Elephant, the Precious Rhino and the Manly Buffalo). South Africa is a rainbow nation of 55,078,000 people who speak different languages, who eat different foods, who have different beliefs and who have different coloured skin. South Africa as large as its diversity is its unity, South Africa is filled with people whose heart beats as one. 
South Africa consists of townships and suburbs, cities and farms. You will find gems like the Salvation Cafe at 44 on Stanley or Hennops Game Reserve in Hartbeesport and 10 on 2nd Avenue in Houghton or Parnassus Farm in Magaliesburg, if only you looked. 

Hennops Game Reserve

A trip to the Johannesburg Zoo or being amongst the trees at an Acrobranch. Eating Asian food at Simply Asia or eating Indian food at Bay Leaf. Having exotic popcorn at Maverick & Jane or sipping Bubble Tea in Sun City. 
I love watching the sun set before the second last prayer of the day, I love hearing the birds tweet when I wake up for school, I love saying “Howzit” as a form of greeting, I love listening to my classmates describe everything as “lekker” in Afrikaans, I love eating Nandos, I love bunny chows, I love koeksisters on a Sunday morning, I love watching the Maankykers sighting the moon for Eid, I love screaming for the Proteas amongst a stadium packed with fans just like me and I love it when I see our country in Indian movies. I love it all. 

African Sunsets


South Africa is aesthetic. South Africa is bold. South Africa is young. South Africa is all we aspire it to be.
They call it South Africa but I call it home. 

A welcome home sign at O. R. Tambo

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