15 Things I Learnt This Ramadhaan.

It is the month of Ramadhaan, the most blessed month of the year for Muslims. We increase our prayers and our recitation of the Qur’aan and we humble ourselves by fasting from dawn to dusk. Good deeds performed in the month of Ramadhaan are rewarded 70 times over. Muslims all over the world celebrate during this month and use this month to feed their souls for the rest of the year. It is a month that brings great joy, happiness and peace to the people. It is a month that is waited upon and rejoiced. It is a month that brings us closer to the One who created us. This Ramadhaan has taught me many things.

1. You only realise the value of Ramadhaan when its over. So we should appreciate that we have lived to see another Ramadhaan and we should make dua that we see many more. 

2. Ramadhaan isn’t the same without your family. The best iftaars happened when my whole family was together. The screaming of voices and the fight for cheese samoosas. Survival of the fittest, my friends.

3. Ramadhaan trumps exams. There’s a very limited amount of studying you can do during the day before you get hungry and there’s a very limited amount of studying you can do at night because you’d rather read taraweeh. Hence, the best time to study (read: cram) is definitely the waiting period between sehri and fajr. 

4. The best power nap is the time between fajr and waking up for school. And the best sleep is between zohr and asr.

5. Nothing is more satisfying than the first sip of Zam Zam after breaking your fast.

6. Salaah brings peace. I promise you, the moment I put my head on the ground, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment. The hadeeth is something to the effect that when you’re in sajdah (prostration), you’re closest to Allah and so, you should increase your supplication to Him. I feel serenity, I feel whole, I feel all my worries fade away and I feel like I can do anything. Sujood makes me feel complete and there’s no better feeling than falling down in prostration in repentance and in thankfulness.

7. Ramadhaan makes me happy and I actually embrace mornings with a smile instead of brooding.

8. Appreciate the food on your plate and be thankful that you are assured that you will have food to break your fast with because some people don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

9. Rush to give the people around you a date to break their fast with because you will get the reward of their fast also.

10. Nothing will beat chilling with my grandfather after taraweeh. Nothing. 

11. Add the milk before the hot water when making tea. Your tea will then be drinkable and not taste like dishwater. (Based on a friend’s experience).

12. The opposite gender sucks at controlling their hunger (and their anger) in Ramadhaan so refrain from asking your dad for the Adidas sneaker that you want. However, after maghrib, all bets are off and you could get a new car if you asked nicely. And they say that we have mood swings. 

13. Don’t go to bakeries because you and your uncle will get shouting from your grandmother for buying too much stuff. In my defence, all I really wanted was one red velvet cupcake, it was Mamajee who wanted the six custard slices.

14. Also, everything that looks decadent before iftaar doesn’t taste decadent after. Save yourself the trouble and just eat a mince samoosa.

15. Make sure you start reading taraweeh at 7 pm because the later you read, the harder it gets. 

May Allah accept it from you and from us.

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