RAMADHAAN 1440/2019

Four weeks of mercy. 30 days of worship. 720 hours of spirituality. 43 200 minutes of forgiveness. 2 592 000 seconds of happiness.

All praise is to the Almighty Allah for blessing us with another opportunity to experience the best month of the year, Ramadhaan, the door of Ar-Rayaan is open and Allah is waiting to free one million people every single day from the fire of Jahannam.

Welcome Oh Ramadhaan, oh month of the Qur’aan. May Allah ease the minds of all the huffadh and keep their hearts (and ours) in the constance remembrance of the words of Almighty Allah.

Ramadhaan is a month that is divided into three parts. The first ten days are the days of mercy so these are the days where we need to seek the mercy of Allah. The second ten days are the days of forgiveness so these are the days that we should beg and plead for forgiveness. The last ten days are the days to beg for emancipation from the fire of Jahannam so these are the days that we should ask to be freed from Jahannam.

Ramadhaan is the perfect opportunity to start things. Start praying. Start wearing scarf/topee. Start reading Qur’aan. Start making zikr. Doing good deeds and avoiding bad ones are easier in Ramadhaan, the fight is only against one’s nafs as Shaytaan is out for the count. May Allah make it easy for all of us and may we be of those who gain Allah’s favour this Ramadhaan.

A quote that is stuck in my head right now is “Live your life like Ramadhaan, so your death will be like Eid.” May this Ramadhaan be a start to living a life where every action is for the pleasure of Allah Ta’alah.

Please remember my family and I in your duas.


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