Everybody who knows me, knows I love…

I asked my family and friends to tell me what they thought I loved..

Here’s fifty things I love:

  1. My family – most important thing in my life, always number one.
  2. My friends – yes! You guys take ordinary moments and make them extraordinary.
  3. My cousins – of course because there’s no one better than them #18.
  4. My Mamajees – shoutout to my Mamajees because they’re the best.
  5. Harry Potter – After all this time? Always.
  6. Iced coffee – YES.
  7. Coffee xinfinity – If I don’t have my coffee fix for the day, I feel the caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
  8. coffee & frappes, also, coffee frappes – this is what I spend my allowance on to be honest.
  9. Books – I love books but I can’t remember the last time I read one and that makes me really sad.
  10. Anything that brings happiness to others – if the people I love are happy, I’m happy.
  11. iMessage games – of course even though I suck at most of them.
  12. Shopping – YES.
  13. Hand sanitiser – brings out my OCD tendencies.
  14. Sunsets – forever that girl who gets really excited when the sky is in pretty colours.
  15. Taking pictures of the sunset – I love chasing sunsets.
  16. Sunflowers – definitely, because they make me happy.
  17. Rain – there’s something about the way the streets looked when its just rained.
  18. Puma – yes, also because they always have collaborations with Selena Gomez.
  19. Yellow – because I’m a whole ray of sunshine [mostly].
  20. Islam – !!!!
  21. Umrah – I left my heart in Makkah and Madinah.
  22. My nomination bracelet – my life line, I feel incomplete if I don’t have it on.
  23. Car sing-a-longs – nothing feels better than singing at the top of my voice in the car with my favourite people whether we’re singing Round and Round by Selena Gomez or For the Rest of my Life by Maher Zain or Without Me by Halsey.
  24. Driving – I honestly still can’t believe I can do this.
  25. Indian movies – I used to be the biggest Bollywood fan but now I can’t remember when last I watched an Indian movie 😦
  26. Taking a billion pictures – I have to take a billion pictures before I get “the one”.
  27. Travelling – YES. I love breathing the fresh air of new places.
  28. Stefan Salvatore – he’s epic.
  29. Ranbir Kapoor – obviously because he’s my favourite.
  30. McDonald’s – yes and the best time to eat it is 12 am.
  31. Arijit Singh – he sings all my favourites including Channa Mereya, Zaalima and Agar Tum Saath Ho.
  32. Coats – I once thought to myself “ahh, I don’t have a black coat” while wearing a black coat.
  33. Hijab – this is still something I struggle with especially since I got my hair done, but I know that I won’t be able to leave my house without my scarf covering my hair.
  34. My car – it lets me go places and makes me feel independent.
  35. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – this movie stars my favourite people, Deepika and Ranbir and they give me all sorts of goals in it.
  36. Deep meaningful conversations – whether it’s at 2 pm or 2 am, dmcs are the best.
  37. Sushi – my friends and I once had sushi at Ocean Basket in Harrismith on the way home from matric camp.
  38. Uncomplicated things, situations and people – I’m more or less a very uncomplicated person so I really like simple things.
  39. Sunshine – especially winter sunshine because it makes me want to take a nap.
  40. People who feel like sunshine – they make me smile, laugh and feel warm inside.
  41. F•R•I•E•N•D•S – I’ll always be there for you.
  42. India – Indian at heart, global in spirit.
  43. Ice cream – my favourites include Sherbet and Cotton Candy from Baskin Robbins.
  44. My hard drive – it literally has my whole life on it, including every single picture from every holiday I’ve been on.
  45. Nachos from spur – trust me, it’s the best.
  46. Sentimental gifts and gestures – yes, it’s the little things that warm my heart. My friend sent me a certificate for a tree planted in my name and its honestly one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.
  47. Honesty – !!! So important because I only want to be surrounded by genuine people.
  48. Making memories – we were just having fun, we didn’t realise we were making memories.
  49. Afternoon naps – I never used to get the hype around afternoon naps, but now I feel it, its rejuvenating.
  50. Laughter – yes.

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