For the love of food…

This blog post is in appreciation of food. Sushi, biryani, pizza, ice cream, coffee, steak, chicken, paani poori, kunafa, waffles, tea, nachos, all the food you can think of. 

  1. My best friend and I went for a cooking class in the beginning of the year and we made chicken biryani from scratch, yes, I even washed the chickens. IMG_7629
  2. I ate potato pizza from Upcycled right in the heart of Benoni, our new “Rosebank”, Atlas Junction. IMG_0452
  3. I dabbled in YouTube recipes and made PF Chang’s Dynamite Chicken. Even my fusspot father ate it so I was pretty psyched. img_1519.jpg
  4. My sister and I found ourselves craving Dinky Donuts so we went to the Flea Market in Boksburg to try and satisfy the craving. IMG_3948
  5. Mochachos always goes down, whether for Jummah lunch or after a long day in Hartebeesport.img_4902.jpg
  6. Speaking of Harties, we had the best french toast and Frenchtoast Koffie Kafee.21d711d3-4907-47d3-87f7-2925a3609651
  7. My favourite food at a wedding I attended last week was the paani poori. (My goals now include having a paani poori eating competition with my person like in Rab Ne Banadi Jodi.)IMG_9608
  8. The Nacho Libre pizza at Col’cacchio is to die for. My best friend and I finish the entire pizza on our own. IMG_9667
  9. Literally no waffles can match Indianapolis Spur’s ones. I found myself craving them in Ramadhaan all the time. IMG_0755
  10. And the best nachos is also by our very own Indianapolis Spur. IMG_4467
  11. The only reason to go to Lenz is to have ice cream at Creme Cafe.IMG_7489
  12. Simply Asia sushi is simply amazing. IMG_7413
  13. Sometimes, my aunt makes home-made sushi and that’s a winner too!IMG_4772
  14. Nonna’s cheddamelt steak is my favourite thing on their menu.IMG_6331
  15. And their rectangle pizza tastes really good too. 62138d6a-39cf-4ff6-9eec-71abe57fe7e9
  16. The amount of coffee freezos I buy from Vida, I should definitely have shares in their franchise, this is where my caffeine addiction started. IMG_0485
  17. When I’m in a good mood, I make boiled tea for my family. IMG_8453
  18. Galata in Braamfontein is a hidden treasure. It’s Istanbul meets Johannesburg and I’m honestly loving it. IMG_5820
  19. Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream’s birthday cake is the only birthday cake I need in my life. IMG_3399
  20. Ozzy’s Kitchen’s Dynamite Shrimp had us ordering a second round of it. IMG_4960
  21. Nothing excites me more than my little cousin bringing bubble tea home from school for me. IMG_4992
  22. If you haven’t tried the fondue from Haagen Dazs, it’s time you give it a try. IMG_7075
  23. The chocolate brownies with ice cream from KFC brought back childhood memories though it doesn’t taste quite the same. IMG_4136
  24. But the bubblegum ice cream I had at the Botanical Gardens in Emmerentia definitely tasted like a sweet childhood memory. IMG_9441
  25. One of the best things I’ve had this year was an Al Baik Big Bake that my Mamajee and aunty brought home from Umrah. e6d33c00-0520-4bb3-84e4-34d4a4e81b4e

When it comes down to it though, nothing tastes as good as home made dhaal and rice, khari kitchri and chicken terkari. I feel so appreciative that these are the dishes I grew up eating because it’s the only part of my life that is truly Indian. Nothing’s better than having chicken biryani for lunch on a Sunday with my entire family. 

“Happiness is great food and great company.” I truly believe that good food and good company are two of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasures. 

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