My happy place

My happy place is sitting on a bench watching the sun set. It brings peace and makes me feel whole. It gives me comfort after a long and difficult day. It makes me feel warm and calm inside and it makes my heart feel full.

My happy place is the airport. Nando’s, some gelato and some snacks, having a little picnic at the viewing deck. The bustle of people, the sound of different accents and the pure excitement of flying to a new place.

My happy place is under my duvet, laying my head down on my pillow, thinking, dreaming and wondering. Watching movies under a blanket in winter and relaxing with the air conditioner switched on in summer.

My happy place is laughing with friends, wholesome, pure laughter, the kind that leaves you feeling happy and warm inside even after they have gone home.

My happy place is laying on a blanket in my garden looking at the stars (which is something I now do really often).

My happy place is watching the rain fall on my windows and watching the curtains blow as the smell of rain fills my room.

My happy place is singing songs at the top of my lungs with my favourite people in the car. From Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber at 8 am to singing Maher Zain’s Barakallah at 4 pm.

My happy place is the spontaneous outing with my friends after every paper, united by the relief of having one less exam to write.

My happy place is walking out of the salon after getting a fresh cut and dye (even though my scarf covers my hair) the power feeling of the fresh cut and dye is unmatched.

My happy place is the moment after cleaning my room and sorting out my entire life at 2 am.

My happy place is when gym is over and I can still feel the endorphins releasing and my heart racing.

My happy place is watching the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy fangirling over Alex Karev and Andrew DeLuca and wishing that I chose medicine as my profession instead of commerce while simultaneously believing that if need be, I could push one of epi.

My happy place is writing. I love watching my thoughts flow into the words that I sometimes find myself unable to say.

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