Monthly Archives: December 2019

The decade // 2010 – 2019

5,259,492 Minutes 3,652.425 Days 521.775 Weeks 120 Months 10 Years 1 decade It truly is the end of an era. The decade of the 2010s is coming to an end. It is the start of a whole new part of our lives. For many of us, this last decade has been our journey from being […]

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A day at Cité Equestrian Park

On Thursday, I spent the day with four of my favourite people in the whole wide world, Zahra (12), Maryam (11), Zainab (9) and Khadeejah (8) at Pony Camp in Cité Equestrian Park.  Our day started at 7am when Maryam woke me up (I’m really not a morning person). We packed snacks and were on […]

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