We go ✈️ 2020

Here’s ten things I want to appreciate from 2019

  1. Family.
  2. Friends. I lost some, made some new ones and learnt that the people who are meant to be in your life, will always be there.
  3. Sunsets. I spent a lot of time watching sunsets (and then going home to read maghrib) and I had the best time doing this with some of my favourite people.
  4. Coffee. I found a new love and appreciation for coffee in its many forms, iced, frappes and hot.
  5. Makeup. I’m still not a big fan but I am happy that I’m able to blend.
  6. Weddings. Two of my favourite Fatimas and my absolute soul sister (she’s basically my twin) got married and I got to dress up.
  7. WhatsApp stickers. It’s like GIFs but better. Shoutout to my group chats for being my sticker plug.
  8. Yellow (mustard) coloured clothes. I discovered that yellow is my favourite colour.
  9. The phrase “we move”.
  10. PnP clothing. They released a whole Harry Potter collection which included t-shirts, sweatpants, pjs and socks.

Here’s ten things I want out of 2020

  1. I want to start eating clean again so I can start feeling good again.
  2. I want to be the kind of person who consistently works out whether it’s at the gym or doing a 2km walk/run.
  3. I want to spend more time watching sunsets and less time watching Netflix. In fact, I want to use my phone less in general.
  4. I want to start reading again. I want to feel the same thrill I used to get when reading the Famous Five, Sweet Valley High, Harry Potter and even the Fault in Our Stars. There used to be no greater feeling than loosing myself in a book and I really want to feel that again.
  5. I want to volunteer regularly. Project O is a proudly South African organisation that is run by students for students. They offer free tutoring for Orlando High in Soweto, I‘m really excited to volunteer because Project O is coming to the East at Liverpool Secondary. (If you would like to volunteer, send me a dm and I’ll add you to the group.)
  6. I want to learn how to cook. My cooking skills are limited to PF Chang’s Honey Chicken and waffles so it’s high time I learn to make Khari Kitchri.
  7. I want to stop spending money on materialistic things and start spending money on experiences. For example, instead of buying a new bag, I want to go ziplining in a forest.
  8. I want my friendship circles to be smaller because quality > quantity.
  9. I want to learn a new language. Reading Qur’aan feels amazing without understanding it, I can’t even imagine how much more amazing Allah’s words are when you understand it.
  10. I want to start sleeping early so I can wake up early. Productivity is at 8am not 12pm.

Thank you for following my blog this year, for taking the time to read my posts and for inspiring me to write every week. I appreciate every view, like and comment and I especially appreciate it when you message me to say that you’ve read the new post. I’m always here to listen to you so hit me up with any ideas you have and what you’d like to see this year.

May you only feel happiness and contentment.

May you be blessed in more ways than you can count.

May your worries disappear and may you only feel ease.

Here’s to a great 2020!

3 Comments on “We go ✈️ 2020”

  1. SOMEBODY ELSE LOVES USING WHATSAPP STICKERS!! I literally spam everybody just because they make me happy! I have also been trying to work on making time for learning some Quran Tafseer. How special is Allah’s Kalaam 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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