Dear 10-year-old Radhiyyah

Dear 10-year-old Radhiyyah

I know that right now you are probably laying in bed reading a book. You’re reading Harry Potter for the first time. Believe me when I say it will feel as magical every other time you read it in the years to come.

You have been blessed in more ways than you can count. You have parents who will do absolutely anything for you, siblings who will make you feel both, a love so fierce and an anger so deep, grandparents who are the best, uncles who are always on your team, aunts who will always help you see right from wrong and cousins with whom you will share many nights of laughter with.

You have firm friends. Two with whom you will always find in your life, no matter how far you think you’ve gravitated away from each other. Two, so unexpected, but you always have the best time when you’re together. Two, far in distance, but close in heart. One of your friends always reminds you who you are when you forget and another makes you so happy every time she messages you.

You will also lose friends, but it’s okay. You will discover what kind of people you want in your life and you won’t settle for less.

Madrassah will be some of the best years of your life. The amount of knowledge that you will gain in the two hours that you go everyday will surprise you when you’re older and you will be so so thankful for it. Your ustaads and your Aapa will hold a very special place in your heart because the bond you have with them will be spiritual and unlike any other.

You will love high school. You will do anything you set your mind to and you will leave high school stronger and better. Your bond with your high school friends will remain, especially with people you weren’t that close to in school and it will bring you an immeasurable amount of happiness.

You will go to university and here you will surprise yourself and everyone else. It will make you do new things and it will take you out of your sheltered life.

You will discover that you really love writing. You will realise that it’s a form of therapy for you and you will do it best at 2am. People are your inspiration, you will come home after being with your friends and you will take out your laptop and type. There’s no better feeling.

Your parents will take you for umrah for the first time. Before going for umrah, you felt a deep longing to pray in Makkah and Madinah. After visiting, you will feel as if you left your heart there, the peace you will feel here will be unlike any other and the longing you feel to go back will be a constant in your life.

Your goal will be to live up to the meaning of your name. Radhiyyah- content, satisfied, pleased, delighted. You will want to be content. You will look and find contentment all around you. You will find it in prostration when praying to your lord, having supper with your family, in sunsets, walking the streets of a foreign place, floating in a pool, drinking iced coffee, watching an episode of Friends and even after a good workout.

You will experience heartbreak. Someone you love will pass away but you will know that he’s in a better place. Friends will betray your trust and it won’t ever be the same again but it’s okay because what is to come is better than what has passed.

Radhiyyah, there is no problem too big that your family can’t help you with, they are always the answer to any of your questions. Don’t spend today worrying about tomorrow, start living in the moment. Always check your intention when doing anything and make sure that it’s for the pleasure of Allah. Don’t strive for perfection, embrace the imperfection.

There will be moments of happiness and moments of sadness, moments of weakness and moments of strength, moments of pride and moments of prayer, moments of elation and moments of uncertainty, impulsive moments, true in every essence. Life is a collection of these moments and we are only a moment so live for the moments you can’t put into words.




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