I apologise and I promise

  1. I am sorry that I complained about not being able to find parking at campus. 
  2. I am sorry that I said “tomorrow” when my cousin asked if we could go for a run. 
  3. I am sorry that I dreaded driving to campus because there was always traffic on the way. 
  4. I am sorry that I didn’t appreciate going out to eat because it was something we always just did.
  5. I am sorry that I gave you a one armed hug instead of hugging you tightly the last time I saw you.  
  6. I am sorry that I took family suppers for granted because I believed that there would always be one. 
  7. I am sorry that I was more focused on getting the perfect sunset picture for my instagram highlight instead of simply enjoying the sun set. 
  8. I am sorry that I didn’t pay enough attention during lectures because right now, all I would like to do is hear the professor drone on about present values and strategies.

I am sorry. 

I apologise. 

I was wrong. 

I take full responsibility for my actions. 

I will change. 

  1. I promise to enjoy the walk from overflow parking at wits to my lecture even if it’s a one kilometre walk up hill. 
  2. I promise to say “let’s go” when my cousin asks if we can go for a run. 
  3. I promise to just embrace the traffic on the way to campus. 
  4. I promise to be thankful every time I get to go out to eat. 
  5. I promise to wrap you in a bear hug the next time I see you. 
  6. I promise to remember how blessed I am to be able to have family suppers. 
  7. I promise to spend more time watching the sun set than taking sunset pictures. 
  8. I promise to give my lectures the attention it deserves. 

I promise. 

I will change. 

In the beginning, I was pretty nonchalant about Covid-19 but my perception changed pretty quickly when I saw the stats rising (get constant updates at https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/), it’s impact especially on Italy, the US and Spain and finally its arrival in South Africa. Our world has changed as we know it. As we start this lockdown, I pray for the safety of our family, our friends, our people and our country. May we all get through this together and come out of it stronger. 


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