The one where we choose the best friend

Chandler (aka the funny one in the group, also my favourite person.)

  • Is not great at advice but can interest you in a sarcastic comment.
  • It is impossible for a person to not laugh when Chandler’s on screen. 
  • Consoled Rachel when she found out her parents were getting a divorce and Monica when she was upset at Ross’s wedding. 
  • The way he looks at Monica. 
  • Joey says that Chandler is the best roommate ever. 
  • Chandler said that proposing to Monica is the most important thing he’s going to do in his life. 
  • Makes jokes when he feels uncomfortable.
  • Knows that he and Monica are meant for each other. 
  • Thought out every detail about his future with Monica. 
  • Cares for Joey and will have an apartment on his garage for Joey to live in when he and Monica have a home together. 
  • Will carry Monica around in his pocket even if she shrinks down to two inches tall. 
  • Chandler wanted the Swing Kings because while Monica and him were dancing to them it was the first time he knew Monica was the woman that he wanted to dance all his dances with. 
  • The way he looked at Monica in that dress. 
  • That time Chandler, Ross and Joey did facemasks together so they would have younger looking skin. 
  • When he lost the cameras, he tried to recreate the pictures people took at the wedding. 
  • The way he talks Monica down when she wants to do crazy things. 
  • The fact that he would do the crazy things for Monica. 
  • Thinks that expensive china should be used. 
  • Chandler’s smile. 
  • Chandler and Joey’s “hey honey” and “hey sweetie” interaction. 
  • The speech Chandler gave to Erica about the baby: “My wife’s an incredible woman. She’s loving and devoted and caring… and don’t tell her I said this, but the woman’s always right. I love my wife more than anything in this world. And… it kills me that I can’t give her a baby. I really want a kid. And when that day finally comes, I’ll learn how to be a good dad, but my wife, she’s already there. She’s a mother without a baby. Please?”
  • When Chandler gives Phoebe away. 
  • The fact that he made sure the new house had a “Joey Room” in it. 
  • Chandler and Joey’s hugs. 

Monica (aka the mom of the group)

  • Takes in Rachel after she leaves Barry at the altar. 
  • Always gives the gang food. 
  • Her style is effortless and she gets it right every time. 
  • When Rachel has an infection in her eye, she puts the eye drops in Rachel’s eyes as Rachel is scared of the drops. 
  • Didn’t want a big fancy wedding, wanted a marriage. 
  • Monica gave Chandler her jacket when he was cold. 
  • She gave up THE dress for The Swing Kings because Chandler wanted them for their wedding. 
  • Got to marry her best friend and soulmate, Chandler. 
  • She gave Rachel the name Emma because she loves Rachel more than she loves the name Emma. 
  • The way she gets excited about organising anything. 
  • Monica made all of them take of Rachel when she just moved to the city. 
  • Monica speaks the truth, “I don’t get older, I get better.”
  • Monica put three lasagnes in Joey’s freezer before they moved out. 
  • “I know.” – Monica Geller, at any given time.

Joey (aka the cute one in the group)

  • The way he took care of the chick and the duck. 
  • Is always there for all of the friends and will sacrifice his own happiness for them.
  • Has a bed time penguin pal, Bugsy.
  • Instinctively protected his sandwich when he thought a bullet went off then gave it to Chandler to prove how much Chandler means to him. 
  • If the revolution comes, Phoebe will destroy all of them besides Joey. 
  • Joey’s facial expressions. 
  • Has a Joey’s apple. 
  • When Phoebe found out she was 31, Joey made her feel better. 
  • That time Chandler, Ross and Joey did facemasks together so they would have younger looking skin.
  • Ken Adams. 
  • Joey made the apartment baby proof and set up a crib for Rachel’s baby. 
  • He’s a Tribbiani: “but dammit we can eat.”
  • “If he’s funny, laugh.”
  • Took Rachel out on a date when she was feeling sad that she couldn’t go out on a date because she was pregnant and he brought her flowers.
  • When Joey thought Monica was cheating on Chandler, he called Chandler and sat outside Monica and Chandler’s apartment with a baseball bat until Chandler got home. 
  • Joey and Phoebe tried to get Rachel and Ross back together by setting them up on terrible dates so they would realise they’re perfect together. 
  • Used the wishbone to wish that Chandler would get the job he really wanted. 
  • Chandler and Joey’s “hey honey” and “hey sweetie” interaction. 
  • The way Joey speaks French. 
  • Joey made a sign to welcome the baby home and then sat in the paint. 
  • Joey and Chandler’s hugs. 

Rachel (aka the fashionable one in the group)

  • Moved to the city on her own.  
  • Covers Monica with a blanket when she falls asleep on the couch so she doesn’t get cold. 
  • Told Ross that Emily called even though she loves Ross. 
  • Put stuff together for Monica when Monica and Chandler got engaged.
  • Rachel taught Ben pranks and he calls her “Fun Aunt Rachel”.
  • As maid of honour for Monica, she made sure that everything went well on their big day. 
  • She gave us the iconic line of: “No uterus, no opinion!”
  • When Rachel and Ross sing “baby got back” to Emma. 
  • The way she takes care of Emma, she’s a really good mom. 
  • If she wanted Emma’s birthday cake to be a disaster, she would’ve baked it herself. 
  • She got off the plane. 

Phoebe (aka the weird one in the group)

  • She let Rachel be maid of honour for Monica because she knew how much it meant to Rachel.
  • Says boyfriends and girlfriends come and go but their friendships are forever. 
  • Told everyone she was pregnant when Rachel wasn’t ready to tell everyone. 
  • Regina Phalange. 
  • The way she spells her name: “P as in Phoebe, H as in Hoebe, O as in Oebe, E as in Ebe, B as in Bebe, and E as in…’ello there, mate!”
  • When Joey and Phoebe tried to get Rachel and Ross back together by setting them up on terrible dates so they would realise they’re perfect together.
  • Kept Ross’s Science Boy from her days on the street. 
  • Phoebe’s confidence. “Wow. Don’t you look nice.” “Yes, I do.”
  • The way Phoebe teaches Joey French. 
  • Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. 
  • The fact that she always rooted for Ross and Rachel. 

Ross (aka the irritating one in the group)

  • When he got dressed for Rachel’s prom because he thought Rachel’s date ditched her. 
  • He let Rachel win in Poker “but look how happy she is.”
  • Ross’s reaction when he found out Chandler’s going to propose “we’re going to be brothers-in-law”.
  • He bought Phoebe a bike for her because she never got a “first bike” when she was small. 
  • That time Chandler, Ross and Joey did facemasks together so they would have younger looking skin. 
  • Told Chandler he will hunt him down and kick his ass if he hurt Monica in any way. 
  • Always makes Rachel feel better when she’s upset. 
  • Joey thinks he’s a good guy. 
  • The way Ross was going to propose to Rachel. 
  • When Ross and Rachel sing “baby got back” to Emma. 
  • Ross hyped up Joey to Charlie even though he liked Charlie, the palaeontology professor and he knew that they had more in common than Joey and Charlie. 
  • The one where Ross is fine. 
  • The fact that Ross counts “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi.”
  • Ross told Rachel he loved her and not to get on the plane. 

Honourable Mention:


  • That time he went over to Ross and they couldn’t talk about anything so they sat there in silence. 
  • He’s really witty. “This doesn’t concern you.” “I’m sorry I was thrown off by the mention of my name.”
  • Went to Barbados to tell Phoebe he loved her and wanted to marry her. 
  • His proposal: there’s no one else I’d ask to marry three times. 
  • The way he looked at Phoebe when she was walking down the aisle. 
  • When Mike changed his name to “Crap Bag” when Phoebe changed her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. 
  • He made a really pretty sign to welcome the baby home. 


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