Ramadhaan 1441/2020

Four weeks of mercy. 

30 days of worship. 

720 hours of spirituality. 

43 200 minutes of forgiveness. 

2 592 000 seconds of happiness.

Nabi ﷺ said: “O People, there comes to you a great month now, a most blessed month, in which is a night greater in value and goodness than a thousand months. It is a month in which Allah has made fasting fardh by day and has made sunnah the taraweeh salaah by night. Whosoever wants to be close to Allah by doing any good deed, for such person shall be the reward like the one who had performed a fardh in any other time and whoever performs a fardh, shall be given the reward of seventy faraaidh in any other time.” 

Alhamdulillah, once again, we are blessed with the arrival of our favourite month of the year, Ramadhaan. It has come at a time where all of us are in desperate need of its blessings. 

This Ramadhaan will be very different to its predecessors. There will be no taraweeh in the masjid. There will be no iftaar with our family and friends. There will be no takeaways for sehri. There will be no programmes in the masjid. There will be no itikaaf. But with all that this pandemic has taken away from us, it has not left us without blessings. 

It has given us the opportunity to revolve our days around salaah as it should be but due to so many other obligations, we loose ourselves in the mundane tasks of our days. It has given us the opportunity to pray salaah in jamaat with our families, there is something so sweet about falling into prostration in sync with the people you love. It has given us the opportunity to use our time at home to read as much Qur’aan because there is no place we need to rush to. A man asked someone “how much Qur’aan should you read?” He replied, “equivalent to the amount of happiness you are looking for.” 

Nabi ﷺ said: Allah Ta’alah says, “Whoever draws close to me by the length of a hand, I will draw close to him by the length of an arm. Whoever draws close to me the by length of an arm, I will draw close to him by the length of a fathom (a unit of length equal to six feet). Whoever comes to me walking, I will come to him running.” Let us use this month to gain closeness to Allah. Like we focus on our physical health and our mental health, let us use Ramadhaan to focus on our spiritual health. May Allah make it easy for all of us and may He give us the contentment all of us crave. 

Please remember my family and I in your duas as you and your family are always in mine. 

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