Twenty One

Today, I am 21 years or 7,671 days old. The total number of candles on all my birthday cakes so far is 231. My heart has beaten approximately 767,102,970 times in total. The moon has orbited the earth 280 times since I was born. When I were born there were approximately 6,082,273,879 other people alive on Earth. There are now about 7,690,932,747 people alive. (Check out

As I sit under my purple blanket at 2:43 am writing this, I feel so so so special and so loved and simply, so blessed. My heart feels so full and I haven’t felt this happy since lockdown began. I feel like I’m on cloud nine. 

Here’s twenty one things I need to say to myself 

  1. You are so blessed so always appreciate everything that you have and be thankful to the Being who has blessed you with more than you deserve.
  2. You are beautiful. And I don’t mean in the way you look because there’s so much more to you than what’s on the outside. The beauty lies in every kind word you speak, every time you make someone smile and every vibe you give off. So be kind and be light because everyone needs sunshine in their lives.
  3. Do not be scared. Don’t be scared of failure, of trying new things, of saying no to anything you don’t want to do and of change. Your opportunities are endless so be unafraid and grab them while you can.
  4. Your family will make you insanely angry and insanely happy at times, remember to love them in both of these moments. Always remember that there is no problem that is too big that your family can’t solve.
  5. The kitchen is therapeutic. Baking and cooking can be lots of fun. Stop fighting the fact that the boys don’t help in the kitchen and just enjoy it. But promise yourself that you will make sure that you teach both, your daughter and your son, to fry an egg, bake a cake and clear the supper table.
  6. Collect moments, not things. Spend money on experiences and good food not on expensive perfumes or shoes.
  7. Sometimes the most unexpected people take the most space in your heart. Don’t judge people on pre-conceived notions because you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get to know them.
  8. Let go of things. Everything has its own time. Like you let go of your Justin Bieber phase and your black boots from Cotton On, let go of anything that doesn’t make you happy, even people. It will get replaced with something better, it always does.
  9. Don’t ever worry about what people say. They will always talk so just ignore them. Focus on the people who matter in your life because their opinion actually matters.
  10. Whenever you do anything in life, make sure it’s only for the pleasure of Allah. Only with this intention, will you attain success.
  11. Do not worry about the future. What was written has been written by the greatest of writers so just relax.
  12. You’re a work in progress. Constantly try to be better. Try to be better than you were yesterday and try to be better than you are today. Try to be a better daughter, grand-daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend. Try to be a better person.
  13. “There are people who are always in love with the sky, no matter the weather. One day you will find someone who’ll love you the same way.”
  14. There is so much of the world that you need to see, work hard so that you can constantly breathe the fresh air of new places.
  15. You have some very special people in your life who you get to call your friends. They’re from madrassah, high school and campus, even random functions and they hold a very big piece of your heart. Don’t ever take them for granted.
  16. Stand firm in your beliefs.
  17. Please buy flowers. Lots and lots of flowers and buy them often for no reason.
  18. Learn to look at the camera Radhiyyah, please man, it’s really not that difficult to smile nicely. Also, don’t do that thing with your eyes.
  19. Have patience. Good things take time. Don’t rush things, just go with the flow.
  20. Stop overthinking. It’s not that deep, you’re just being dumb.
  21. Be unapologetically you. Always be genuine in who you are. There’s no one better that you can be.

Time waits for no one. It flies past us and we get left behind. Don’t get left behind. To me, right now, twenty one looks daunting but it shouldn’t be. The sky isn’t the limit, it’s our point of view so what are we going to do with all this future?

2 Comments on “Twenty One”

  1. 21 has never looked better and I get privilege to say this because i got to spend your special day with you. I hope it was amazing and that you’ve realized your meaning to the people around you. Thank you for being amazing.
    p.s – number 5 was a huge eye opener for me ❤️ and yes, LOOK AT THE CAMERA! 🥺

    Liked by 1 person

    • So happy that I got to spend my day with you 🥺 you made me feel so special and I love you more than words can say 💕
      Number 5 is very important ❤️ I’m trying but you saw what my face does 😤


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