With the days of hajj upon us, I’ve been thinking a lot about sacrifice as this is what Eid-ul-Adha is about. Currently, our lives are full of sacrifice. We sacrifice seeing our family, our friends, going out and having fun. We have given up a lot of things today so that we may be able to enjoy our lives when all of this is over. 

Which is why I am so angry. There are medical professionals in hospitals sacrificing, there are teachers in schools sacrificing, there are learners going to school sacrificing, there are breadwinners going to work sacrificing, so what makes you special that you can go out with friends, not wear a mask, joke about this virus? Do you not understand the severity of the situation? Do you not understand that you are risking lives? You may not fear for your own life but what about your grandparents who live with you? Is this how you repay your parents who have taken care of you their entire lives? 

In the early days of this pandemic, I was nonchalant. I had hope that this would all end soon. But it’s the 28th of July, numbers are rising and some people are saying we still haven’t reached our peak. I am now stressed and fearful and I constantly worry about my family members who HAVE to go out.

The reality of our situation is that when someone passes away and fifteen people attend the janazah, it is said “wow, that’s a good crowd”. A fifteen people crowd is a good thing. It is reported by Abdullah ibn Abbas (R.A.): I heard the Messenger of Allah ﷺ say, “A Muslim man does not die while forty men, who do not associate partners with Allah, pray over him but that Allah will accept their intercession for him.” We live in a time where forty people praying your janazah isn’t a likely occurrence. (Note, I am in no way qualified to interpret this hadeeth according to current times, but recently, this is a hadeeth I think about a lot and I’m just pointing it out, Allah Ta’alah knows best. May Allah grant all those who have passed away the highest of stages in Jannah and may Allah make their qabrs from amongst the gardens of Jannah.)

The reality of our situation is that we have not eaten meals with our families. I live opposite my uncle (in the same yard as him and his family) and I can not remember the last time we even had a cup of tea together. We see each other with masks on and we live in the same yard. 

I get that everyone is going out because they are fed up of staying at home and that it’s difficult. Legally, you’re allowed to go out. But you’re only supposed to go out with your household. This means you are only allowed to eat at a restaurant with the people who live with you and no one else. I’ve seen people making jokes about having eid in a taxi with your family but the reason taxis are allowed full occupancy is because people NEED it. Don’t speak from your point of privilege as everyone doesn’t have the luxury of having their own personal mode of transport and these people need a taxi to go to work so they can earn a living. Using the taxi example isn’t justifiable for your behaviour.

Any time, I’ve left my house, I’ve been uncomfortable. I’ve been scared. I’ve sanitised my hands at least ten times in store and I’ve come home and sanitised every grocery item I bought. I hate feeling this way but as a “half glass full person”, I believe that this too shall pass.

So Tawakkaltu alAllah. Tawakkul means to have trust in Allah’s plan, to place complete reliance on Allah alone.

Nabi ﷺ said (something to the effect): “Put your faith in Allah, but tie your camel.”


Tie your camel by wearing a mask, following social distancing, taking vitamins and doing everything that you can do to protect yourself. Then, put all of your faith in Allah. 

May Allah protect all of us.

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