Thoughts on the Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives

I’m a huge Bollywood junkie so when I saw this series, I had to watch it. 

Episode 1 

  • Why are they only speaking English?
  • Shanaya casually called Ananya Pandey on FaceTime. The name dropping has started. 
  • Okay, we get it: The Kapoors are going to La Bal.

Episode 2

  • Shanaya looks really pretty at Le Bal. 
  • Sanjay really was a proud dad and he danced fairly well for someone who didn’t go for lessons. 
  • I actually like Neelam’s accent.
  • Maheep is full on psycho for spying on her neighbours In Juhu with a binoculars. 
  • ARJUN KAPOOR is still a favourite and he has a really cute smile, he’s also really witty and I loved how he mentioned the Bachchan wedding. 
  • How does Jahaan not know how to speak Hindi properly? 
  • Why would the friends go out to a place where one of them can’t eat at?
  • If Karan’s presence stresses you out so much, why meet up? 

Episode 3

  • Why does Maheep swear so much? 2 minutes in and she’s already dropped an F-bomb. 
  • Maheep saying it straight “if I don’t call you an a**hole Karan, what do I call you?” 
  • Karan’s really doing a mini Koffee with Karan right now. 
  • Awwwh, the reminiscing is sweet. 
  • “Friends don’t clean Bhavana” okay Seema, chill!
  • Neelam knows what’s up with that “oh dear”.
  • Bhavana is so chill even though Seema got super heated. 

Episode 4

  • Seema killed me with laughter when she said “that’s when I went bananas”
  • Straight from discussing a fight to discussing a flight. Love it. 
  • Spirituality for the skin. Imagine. 
  • The cousins making fun of Maheep was great. 
  • “No one deserves my company” we love to see it Janhvi. 
  • Can you not complain about turbulence? Like just appreciate that you’re on a flight Seema!
  • “You have parents you’re not an orphan” like broooo, behave. 
  • I enjoyed that “I’m joking” nod to Housefull. 

Episode 5

  • “that’s how they take out nazr” okay Bhavana. 
  • It was fun watching them clean the beach. 
  • Neelam’s always wearing yellow/mustard and I obviously love it. 
  • Seema and her “I’m going bananas” again. 
  • “You know how to google right” Maheep, behave. 
  • “Listen it’s not rocket science, just get your act together” saying it as it is Neelam  
  • I can’t with the matching denim jackets. 

Episode 6

  • I want to go to Doha right now, their hotel was stunning. 
  • “Oh my god, get over it” big mood tbh. 
  • Now, I really want to go to Doha so I can go on the flying rickshaw. 
  • “Of course we go shopping in a Rolls Royce how else do you travel?” Oh darling. 
  • Now, I want to go shopping in Doha. 
  • I can’t with Bhavana and her nazr again. 
  • It was really cute how Ananya asked Bhavana to choose pictures. 
  • Okay, the stalker was a bit much. 

Episode 7 

  • Neelam is in a great mood. She’s on a high and it’s a whole vibe. 
  • Seema’s lounge wear is pretty. 
  • Why does Maheep use the word “twat” so much? omg
  • You can actually see the nostalgia in Neelam’s eyes when she’s watching her old song. Love it. 
  • The census is out: Ranveer is hot. But , we knew that already. 
  • Stalker is back and it’s creepy. 
  • Stalker is not a stalker. It’s all okay. A company wants to work with Neelam. 
  • The Titanic pose is obviously a must on a yacht. 
  • The Helipad conversation location is wow!

Episode 8

  • The episode I’ve been waiting for. 
  • Shame, Chunky is such a sweet dad. He’s so proud of Ananya. 
  • They’re honestly arguing about Meghan and Harry. 
  • ‘Is she her chaachi?” Listen, Diana isn’t anyone’s chaachi but she’s everyone’s Khala. 
  • SID!!!! How is Sid so handsome?
  • Shanaya and Ananya are a really good vibe together. 
  • And the entry we’ve been waiting for: SRK
  • Awwwh, SRK used to babysit.
  • The friends seem to genuinely adore and love each other, it was heartwarming. 
  • The lockdown bit was apt. Loved it!

Final thoughts: I really enjoyed it, it was great thrash tv and I’d watch a season 2. I especially loved seeing other A-listers from B-town. It took me one night to binge watch and I had a good laugh while watching it so Kudos to the Bollywood wives with fabulous lives. 

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