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1. My family means everything to me. Enough said. 💯 2. Currently obsessed with Cotton On and H&M. 👗 3. Harry Potter will ALWAYS be the best books I have ever read. 📚 4. Forever wishing I lived in New York and hoping I do so that I can wake up to the Manhattan skyline. […]

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To wander is to live.

To wander is to live. I am waiting for a plane to fly me across the world to breathe the fresh air of a new place. I am waiting for the promise of adventure, of escape, of freedom, of diversity and of happiness. I am waiting. I see a mother hugging her son. I see […]

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Dil dhadakne do – Let the heartbeat.

This means that we should do things that make us smile, make us scared, make us excited or even makes us cry. Life life to the fullest.  Don’t make other people your business.  Smile at strangers.  Laugh until your stomach hurts.  Breathe the air of new places.  Pray to the One who gave you breath.  […]

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