Thursday – 19/12/2019 | Johannesburg to Jeddah

I love the airport, I’m the kind of person who says “let’s go to the airport” when my friends ask what I want for supper. These outings to the airport are always bittersweet though because we aren’t catching flights. So today, when I got to ORT, I was ecstatic. It was time to catch flights (nOt fEeLiNgS).

Even my normal morning moody self was smiling and I was actually having conversations with people not just saying “yes” and “no”. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m really not a morning person.

The last flight I took was to Saudi last year with (almost) my entire family so I couldn’t help but miss them. However, I was glad that we weren’t the family on the plane screaming “pass the samoosas” and laughing loudly.

We flew Saudia and honestly, we weren’t expecting much at all. Our past experiences haven’t been great and the only perk of this airline is that it’s a direct flight to Jeddah. So this time, we were pleasantly surprised. They handed out hot towels and offered us a choice between Pepsi, Arabic coffee and juice. The Arabic coffee was amazing and it was served with rutab dates. They even had menus printed.

I got to see the sun set in blues, purples and warm yellows. This is what I waited for. Sunsets never fail to make me happy.

A few hours later after the best Saudia flight I’ve ever been on (seriously, the service was amazing! Shoutout Hanaan and Dijana), we landed in Jeddah. I can’t tell you how sad I was to be in Jeddah but not going to see the Ka’bah. Jeddah airport is the worst airport I’ve ever been to. The bathrooms are disgusting and the seating area is uncomfortable. But we move ✈️. Our transit in Jeddah is just under twelve hours.

We had Big Baik Spicy Sandwiches from Al-Baik with Pepsi (of course) for supper. Al Baik has always been a favourite of mine to have in Saudi, nothing beats the first time my mamajee bought Al Baik for us, we had the spicy nuggets for our padkos for the Madinah to Makkah journey.

Jeddah airport was full of brown people and you know, where brown people are, connections are always made and South Africans always find South Africans. We made a group and just chilled together exchanging travel tips.

We couldn’t come to Jeddah and not have Baskin Robbins. Rainbow sherbet in a waffle cone for me, rainbow sherbet in a cup for my brother and praline and cream with hot fudge and whipped cream on it (as per my mamajee’s order) for my sister.

Step count: 6 398

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