Wednesday – 25/12/2019 | Konya

After a quick breakfast that consisted of coffee, rolls and cheese at our hotel, we left for Konya. The drive from Pamukkale to Konya was five hours.

Usually I’m not a big fan of road trips but I really enjoyed this one. We got to see an entire different side of Turkey from the country side to suburbs to villages to cities. It was amazing.

The reason we went to Konya is because Konya holds a special place in my mum’s heart. We only had one stop in Konya which was the Mevlana Museum. The Mevlana Museum is all about Rumi.

Mevlana Jalaaluddin Rumi, the great mystic scholar is the father of Sufism. Rumi and his disciples spent their lives creating a relationship purely based on love of Allah Ta’alah.

The museum shows relics from as early as the 13th century. Amongst the relics were tasbeehs, Islamic calligraphy, Qur’aans and clothes. It was really fascinating to see how the people in those times lived.

The museum holds the tomb of Rumi and his family. There is also a masjid in the area where we read zohr and asr.

As we were leaving, the athaan went for asr. I could hear the athaan being called out from four different masjids around me. This is not the first time in Turkey that I heard the athaan go off from different masjids at the same time but every time I hear it, my mind is completely blown away by it.

After the museum, we headed to McDonald’s for lunch. We went to the mall for the first time since our trip. McDonald’s Turkey is so so lekker and very cheap (6 nuggets were 5 TL and McFlurry’s were 5 TL also). My siblings ordered the Turkish version of Grand Chicken Spicy, mum and I ordered chicken burgers with ranch dressing which were amazing. They also had this coconut milkshake which was similar to a Piña Colada mocktail.

After lunch, we hit the road. It was a three hour drive to Cappadocia. We were staying at Aja Cappadocia Cave Hotel in Urgup.

Upon arrival we were greeted with utmost hospitality. They gave us Turkish tea and seated us in a lounge while they got our room ready. Aja Cappadocia Cave, like most other hotels in Cappadocia, is run by a family, parents and their two sons.

We then settled in for the night so we would be fresh and ready for our full day tour tomorrow.

Step count: 6 331

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