My family and I went down to the Mother City in the December holidays. Here are 9 highlights from our trip!

  1. The drive along Chapman’s Peak. I was blown away by the magnificence of the ocean.IMG_3584
  2. West Coast National Park with its clear waters made me feel like I was away at an exotic holiday destination. IMG_4308
  3. A real treat was Baskin Robbins which definitely made me feeling like I was buying ice cream in Taiba Centre in Madinah. Ahh, the nostalgia.IMG_3955
  4. Watching the sun set on Signal Hill was breathtaking and we were surrounded by South Africans from all over and you could hear it from the different accents.IMG_4039
  5. We went strawberry picking at Polkadraai Farm in Stellenbosch and had as much fun picking strawberries as we did eating them.IMG_4232
  6. Nothing beats the vibe and the aesthetic of the V&A Waterfront.IMG_3870
  7. The view of Table Mountain from the Big Wheel was definitely picture perfect. IMG_3805
  8. The rich heritage of South African muslims that can be seen in Bo-Kaap.IMG_4558
  9. Fish on the Rocks is a must stop for fish and chips in Houtbay.IMG_3593

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