16/04/2017 – Mumbai to Johannesburg.

Our day began at exactly 12 am. We hopped into a taxi for the last time in a long while.
The drive to Chatrapati Shivaji International airport was welcoming. Even though, I was very sad to leave Mumbai, I was happy to go back home. Our flight was only at 5:15 am and we were there before 1:30 am. So, we just checked in and proceeded to scope duty free. Before, we knew it, we were walking to the gate. Luckily we got there when we did because they changed gate numbers. We then proceeded to walk to the other side of the airport.


Mumbai to Abu Dhabi – 3h15m flight.

Abu Dhabi to Johannesburg – 8h20m flight.
I don’t even remember taking off for Abu Dhabi, I was knocked out. I only woke up when they asked us to put on our seat belts as we were about to land.
The wait in Abu Dhabi wasn’t bad at all. We chilled until they announced for us to board. It was so good to be boarding a plane to South Africa. I never though I’d be so happy to hear Afrikaans. Local is definitely lekker.
Plane food (for the first time in my life) tasted like actual food and was actually lekker. Thank you Etihad.
I spent most of the flight writing these travel diaries. So time flew by quickly.
Landing in South Africa was smooth but when we landed, the parking spot the land was supposed to park at was occupied. So we had to wait as our pilot looked for parking. That sounds so ridiculous. A plane looking for parking. Honestly.
We eventually parked and then hopped on a bus that took us to the airport. It felt amazing to just be home.
We cleared immigration, went to get our luggage and then passed customs, all with no hassle.
Avis picked us up at the airport and the 15 minute drive home was a relief. I couldn’t wait to get home.
I entered my house just before sunset and the first thing I did was jump onto my bed because nothing is better than laying on my own bed, sleeping on my own pillows.
After freshening up, we had dhal and rice for supper and then I hit the sack.
Good night world.
Step count: 6 693 steps.

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