14/04/2017 – Mumbai ~ the city of dreams. 

Our early morning began at 9 am. After breakfast, our tour guide picked us up from the hotel and we were then off to tour the city of dreams.
Mumbai has lots of old trees that are huge and green. They are absolutely beautiful and they are everywhere. It is a great source of comfort because it’s shade is needed in the hot weather.


Our first stop of the tour was the Gateway of India. It’s a huge monument that was first made of cardboard when King George the 5th and Queen Mary came to India. It is on the bank of the ocean and opposite the Taj  hotel. It’s a major tourist attraction but the earlier you’re there the less people there are.

Taj Hotel.
The Gateway of India.

Our next stop was Mumbai university and all it did was make me want to study here next year. (2020 edit: I did ask if I could come study here and they said NO and looked at me all weird). Sir Gilbert Scott designed Mumbai university and its English origin is clearly visible. The University has a clock tower that resembles the Big Ben in London. The University of Mumbai looks like a university out of a movie and the outside is absolutely beautiful. However, they didn’t allow us to go inside.

Big Ben replica.
View through the gates.

I was very excited to see Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus which was the next stop on our tour. The terminus reminds me of King’s Cross in London. It’s first train is at 4am and it’s last train is at 12:40 am. Mumbai’s sleep is the time between the first and the last train.

Hi, RK. ❤️
The outside of the Terminus.

We also went to Crawford Market and then Mani Bhavan.

Nandos sauces in a store at the market.

Mani Bhavan is where Mahatma Ghandi stayed in Mumbai. His friend Mani gave him the apartment.

A plaque outside Mani Bhavan.

The ground floor is a library of more than 2000 books. The passage between the two sections of the first floor has sayings of Ghandi.

The power of words.
Books, books and books. 📚

The first floor has posters and quotes of Ghandi.

I liked the second floor best. It had clay models from Ghandi’s birth right up to his death showing all the significant events of his life. The clay models are in a glass case and each model has extreme detail. It was so cool to see and I was so impressed with the talent of Indian people.

Love this.
Perfectly portrayed.

Our last stop on the tour was Dhobi Ghat, the laundry service that has been running for more than 150 years. Every morning, the men of Dhobi Ghat go to houses to collect washing either by walking or bike. They then tag each person’s clothes in such a way that they only understand it and then they proceed to wash it. They hang it to dry and thereafter they iron it. It takes four days for your washing to be delivered straight to your doorstep. The tour ended after Dhobi Ghat.

Only in India. 👌🏼

For Jummah lunch, we had Delhi Darbaar. Hands down, their butter chicken is the best. They were decently priced and well worth it. I suggest succumbing to everyone South African’s suggestion to eat there because their food is amazing. It’s also on the Colaba Causeway so after lunch you can hit the market (which is what we did).

This butter chicken is out of this world.
Hello there.

After exploring the Colaba Causeway, we walked to the Gateway of India and booked a ferry ride. It was very close to maghrib time so the sun was setting and looked very beautiful against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal Hotel. But if we thought the sky looked beautiful from land, it was nothing compared to the view from water.
The ferry ride was really cool because of the view. The sun was setting in dark blues/purples and pinks/orange. The sun was visible in a orangery/pinky colour. The sunset behind the skyline of Mumbai was beautiful and showed the majesty of the city in true light.

Mumbai in its sunset glory.

For supper we went to Palladium. It’s a mall in Mumbai that beats Sandton. It has mainly international branded stores: Chanel, Burberry, Sephora, Hamley’s, H&M, amongst others. Some stores are affordable but mostly they aren’t , not with our Rand/Dollar rate. Personally, I think Sephora is overrated and they didn’t have any Huda or Anastasia products which is what I actually wanted. Hamley’s never ceases to amaze me and I hate that I’m not 7 and into toys because their toys are freaking awesome. Like, kids forget your iPads and go wild in Hamley’s.

 The night ended of in true Indian style. A party of the street that causes traffic.



Step count: 13 449 steps.

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