15/04/2017 – Mumbai life. 

As this was our last day in India, we were determined to make the most of it. The day began at 9 am when our driver picked us up at our hotel.
Our first stop was Haji Ali Dargah which was filthy and smelly. It is a beautiful masjid on water where people of all forms of life pray. The sad part of the filth is that our driver told us that the dirtiest places in India are where people pray, masjids, temples, churches. Why is this so? How can we have dirt on the outside and then expect the insides to be clean? I mean, you litter outside the masjid/temple/church, then go inside seeking cleanliness, you pray for a clean heart, you ask for forgiveness and material things but you don’t look after the sanctuary. Double standards at its peak.

Walking along side this.

Haji Ali market.

We drove through Mumbai central and then we were off to Bandra – the land of fame obsess. First, we stopped at Shah Rukh Khan’s house also known as Mannat (Lands End). Next was Galaxy Apartments to see Salmaan Khan’s apartment and then we went to Pali Hill to see Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachan’s houses. We then saw other actors houses. I wish I had a cool story where I can tell you that I met one of them but unfortunately not.

Amitabh Bachchan’s house.

Salmaan Khan’s apartment.

Through the gate at SRK.

The famous Mannat.

We spent the rest of the time in stores exploring. By 4pm we were hungry as we still hadn’t had lunch.
Everyone was raving about a place called Shalimar so we went there to eat. The food was really good but definitely not worth the 1 hour drive and peak hour traffic.

Onward to food.

I then ordered an Uber to a mall an hour away with a big supermarket, we found it too far so long story short we ended up getting lost and eventually just calling another Uber to take us back to the hotel. Yes, that was fun.

The pointless ride was worth this view.

Once, we got to the hotel, we hit Colaba Causeway again. It’s literally the best place to shop because of its two contrasts, the streets stalls and the branded stores. My siblings and I spent the entire evening walking the streets and then met with our parents at the hotel.


After sorting out our luggage, we had McDonald’s (for the millionth time) at Colaba Causeway. We then took a long walk just before 12 am in the streets of Mumbai feeling safe and content for the last time because we can’t do that in South Africa.
Step count: 12 473 steps.

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